DIY 21st Birthday Decorations


I decided on an intimate house party just for family and my two closest friends- i’ll celebrate with my other friends later in the week. I still wanted to decorate the house so, for months, i’ve been scouring party shops & websites trying to get idea’s.

I wanted my colour scheme to be pastel colours with gold but i found it difficult to get corresponding decorations- most colour schemes available were pink & silver, blue & silver and black & silver.

I had a lightbulb moment and this was the result.


To make these you’ll need :

  • Wooden freestanding plaque – i got mine from eBay i’ll link them here– I bought the biggest size (15mm) but you could work with any size. They also have them in different numbers so it doesn’t need to be a 21 plaque you make.
  • Acrylic Paint- i picked up the Docrafts All Purpose Acrylic Pain from my local craft store, they were £1.25 a bottle.
  • Gold paint pen
  • ruler & pencil- if you’re doing any design such as the stripes you’ll need this.
  • A4 paper
  • Glitter Spray – i bought this from Wilko and it was £7 in the paint isle

Give yourself a couple of days to complete this, they need various coats and drying time so take this into account when planning your time beforehand.

The first thing i did was colour samples, i chose the same material i was painting on so i knew how they would come out. The reason being, the purple shade is called “princess pink” but we can clearly see it’s purple. I painted this little wooden flower i picked up in my craft store for 50p, let the paint dry overnight so i knew the colour i was painting.IMG_1220

I designed my theme around the new Zoella Beauty line “Sweet Inspirations”- i thought it was cute and goes inline with my pIMG_1257arty.

It took three coats to paint- you could get away with two if you’re pushed for time- let the paint dry for at least 4 ours (i left mine overnight) between coats. I recommend painting on a4 paper, i tried newspaper at first but i felt it stuck to the wood when the paint was wet where as the a4 paper didn’t. The aim is to stand it up as soon as possible, so keep this in mind when painting it.


IMG_1219Once i was happy with the paint work, the next day i outlined it with the paint pen. I had never used this before but it turned out easier than i thought. I originally tried to use a ruler so it was even but with the curves it was so hard i just outlined it- some parts are thicker than others but that’s what makes it original.

Keep your hand as steady as possible at this point and try do it in as little goes as possible- don’t lift your pen off every second, you’ll find it much harder to be neat.

Once everything is dry and you’re happy with it- bring out the glitter spray paint. The one i picked was a glossy overpaint with gold shimmer. Before you let loose with the glitter spray paint COVER EVERYTHING. I’d advise doing it outside if weather permits- i did it inside and just covered everything with old sheets, newspaper and magazine pages. The fumes are also really strong so pick a room that you can air out- not your bedroom- because the fumes are dangerous if you inhale too much.

IMG_1255  Follow the instructions on the can: shake for 1 minute then spray in a forwards/backwards motion, 30cm (a big ruler) away from the surface. Leave it two hours, then repeat and then once more.

The glue is wet and sticky to begin with so don’t touch it until your final coat is completely dry. I only sprayed one side of mine so if you want both sides done, repeat the process on the other side. Once it’s completely dry it should look and feel glossy.

IMG_1259  This makes a really nice gift or a party decoration for yourself. You can be super inventive with idea’s and themes. I’m not a crafty person but i really enjoyed doing this and would definitely do it again for friends/family occasions in the future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and hopefully it’s inspired you to try it. If you try it please let me know how it goes in the comments down below and tell me your idea’s and themes.

I upload new posts every Friday so if you’re new here please check out my other posts and all my social media which is linked above to the left on my homepage.

I aim to have a new post out next friday (01/07) but for those of you who have been paying attention it’s my 21st birthday. I’ll blog about my party the following week- hopefully i’ll get lots of good pictures to show you.

Thank-you so much for reading and see you next week!


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