Life after university? Where do i start?

If like me, you’re nearing the end of your university career then you’ll be starting to panic anytime someone mentions the words “graduate schemes”or “plans after university” .

I didn’t pick a degree where there is a set job at the end of my studies, i.e. nursing or teaching. So my options are pretty open, perhaps too open.

I probably could go to my career advisor at uni and she’d probably help me sort my life out, but i’m a student and procrastination is my given right. Actually… i don’t know where the careers office actually is. I don’t really take much to do with uni life, i live at home and all the clubs are late at night and really designed for people who live on campus or close by, plus meeting new people is such a challenge, i find the classes overwhelming enough. My classes are all mixed so i have a few friends but not a big social circle. I’ve not participated in extra-curricular activities…

I feel like for the past three years i’ve shown up, submitted assignments and passed exams and now i have to find something to do next all by myself. Like this is the first time in my life, no one is even guiding me and i do not like it.

I’ve googled “graduate schemes” twice, each time i got so confused, and scared and it was only a few minutes until i was back online shopping and wasting my time away on Twitter.

It’s frustrating, i feel lost because i genuinely don’t know what to do with my life. Then i get frustrated at myself but i’m just not sure how to figure things out? I’m the first one in my family to go to uni so i can’t even ask someone else for advice, most of my friends are doing teaching so they know what they’re doing after they graduate.

My degree is a joint honours in creative writing & journalism and law. I’m not qualified to be a lawyer when i graduate and i don’t want to do that full time. I enjoy creative writing but i feel it’s a lonely job where i’d always be struggling to get by. I don’t enjoy stereotypical tabloid journalism where you drag celebrity names through the dirt. I enjoy the magazine aspect of journalism, particularly fashion, beauty & lifestyle but in Scotland, the opportunities are pretty slim and even then- i wouldn’t know where to start.

Then i think, should i study further? Ultimately get myself into more debt as i procrastinate further? If i was working towards an end goal that would be different but i’m not .I genuinely just don’t know what i want to do next.

I’d like to travel… but that’s getting myself into more debt and essentially procrastinating? Plus, where would i go and with whom? Travel stresses my out plus travelling makes my anxiety ten times worse.

I want to make money, start my career- whatever that may be. So i need to look for a job- particularly a grad job. It’s realistic and unfortunately i feel like i have to be realistic because i’m not sure what my dream is?

I want to be one of those people who is really active on social media and writes books just because and has loads of friends who are always around and shops all the time and has loads of really important meetings and makes Youtube videos and has lots of contacts. I’m not sure there is a job title for that?

When you read magazines “I quit my 9-5 to live the life i dreamed” and they blog for a living LIKE HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! How do you go about that?

I’m low key STRESSED all the time, i feel like this has been stressing me out for the best part of three years like i need someone to come and sort my life out for me. I’m just so lost, i’m supposed to be in the prime of my life but i just feel lost and stressed.

Please feel free to share your worries with me, if you can relate please reach out and we can panic together! I’m totally joking about the latter, please reach out if you’re worried about this, i’m sure we can figure it out together! Or maybe you’ve already been through this and if so, please impart your wisdom!

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end! Please check out my other posts, like, comment, follow etc my posts are normally cheerier than this but talking about this is one of the reasons i made this blog, aside giving me an excuse to shop!

My social media is all linked up to the top left so please check that out- just started my twitter for this blog so i have about 2 followers, a couple more would be nice!




2 responses to “Life after university? Where do i start?

  1. Great blog post!! Finishing university is such a weird time; a sort of limbo, not a child but not yet an adult but with all the pressures and responsibility of one! The good thing is that things have a weird way of falling into place. I’ve found that inaction breeds fear, you just need to throw yourself into something and grab any opportunities that come your way!


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