What I Want From 2017

It’s easy to give yourself lots of unrealistic goals going into the New Year- usually long forgotten & unachieved by February. I want to document my goals on my blog and come back to them throughout the year (perhaps quarterly?) to see how i actually get on. I’m not setting anything too extravagant or what i see as unachievable.

  1. Graduate! I’m currently in my 4th year at the University of Strathclyde so hopefully i’ll graduate in June.
  2. Get a real job. I’m not stressing about Graduate Jobs this year, i just want to get a decent job for a year or so until i sort out whether i want to go back and do my masters or just work.
  3. Figure out what i want to do. I always dread the “what do you want to do after uni?” conversation. I’ve never known and i don’t have a gateway degree like nursing or teaching so i need to start figuring things out. I’ve always said i wanted to write or work in publishing but i’m just not sure where to start.
  4. Buy a car. I’ve been driving for three years but never wanted to take on the financial commitment of a car when i was only working in retail part time. I’ve got my sights set on the Mini One in black.
  5. Go into Primark 3 times a month MAX. This may sound stupid to a lot of people, but my Primark obsession is out of hand. I can no longer fit anything else in my wardrobe and i don’t wear things more than three times. It needs to STOP.
  6. Push myself into the idea of change. I’ve suffered with anxiety since i was 18 and there are a lot of things that it has stopped me from doing. I find unknown situations and unknown people really difficult. I’m not saying i’m going to overcome my anxiety by next year but i want to have tried new things that i couldn’t do this year.
  7. Get something on paper! I’ve had an idea for a novel that i’ve wanted to write for three years but have never written anything down. I want to get something written down by the end of 2017.
  8. Learn to love the gym. When i go to the gym frequently, i tone up so nicely and never appreciate how good my shape can be. This year i want to get back into eating better and working out more!
  9. Cut down on the sugar. I don’t eat a lot of take-aways or unhealthy meals, crips, fizzy juice. Sugar is my problem. I’m obsessed with it and eat far too much sugar!
  10. Meet at least 1 new person i could call a friend. I really struggle to meet new people but most people i know have a huge circle of friends and i don’t. I need to start opening up to people and trying to be comfortable around more than my core 5.

So the targets have been set!I’ll check back in with these in March, July, September and November! I challenge everyone who wants to get involved to do this. Write your goals down, publish them and then check back on your progress throughout the year. Hopefully we can all help each other and make 2017 great!

What do you want out of 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year (even if you’re a bit like me and hate the whole holiday that is new year) and a positive start to 2017!

– Gemma Lynsey


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