Make A Week Off Work, Productive | Jan 2017

The idea of a week off; no university, no school, no work, no plans. When you’re running around from 9-5 every day, that is a nice image. I’m one of those people who love the idea of a week off… but i’m bored by mid-day on the Monday. I don’t actually like sitting around doing nothing, it makes me feel rubbish and a full week can be really detrimental for my mental health. 

That being said, i can’t just work non-stop. So this week i took a week off and i found some really productive things to do which now, make me feel a bit more centred and ready to dive back into life on Monday. 

Clear out your wardrobe 

Wardrobe, drawers, shoe collection. Give yourself a day, make a good ass playlist and get clearing out. If you haven’t worn it since the last time you cleared out, get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit you, get rid of it. If you’re keeping it as it was a gift but you will not wear it ever, get rid of it. Fashion changes quickly so be ruthless, you’ll be obsessing over a new trend shortly! 

Make sure you know what you have and your drawers/wardrobe is organised. It will be much more visually pleasing and it might help with the “i have nothing to wear” debacle that we can all relate to. 

Clean your make-up brushes

One word. Chore. I hate cleaning my make-up brushes, it takes too long and there are too many. But the only thing worse than cleaning my make-up brushes is using dirty ones. I try and clean mine with a wipe every other day but properly clean them once or twice a month. My advice, take your phone into the bathroom with you and watch some YouTube or Netflix or listen to music. 

Sort your life out 

img_2865Post-it notes. Notebooks. Pens. Lists. 
Get your life in order. 
Write a list of everything you’ve been putting off, like phoning the bank or booking a dentist appointment. Just bite the bullet, get it all done and i promise you’ll feel much better. 
Sort out your timetable, if you’re at school, college or university this is particularly helpful. Write down all your classes, where they are, what time, when your assignments are due and when you’re going to prepare for them. Organising yourself now when you have free time, is much easier. Treat yourself to new stationary to make the process more fun! 


Cook something new

Maybe it’s because i’m a total foodie, but knowing i’m cooking something new and exciting for dinner really gets me excited. This week i cooked the roast tomato, chickpea and chicken soup from The Lean Machines new book. It was delicious and super easy. 

Play around with make-up 

Do you have a lipstick but you’re just not quite sure how to wear it best? This is the ideal time to play around with it. Perfect that cat eye or experiment with different eye looks. If you’re staying at home you can be as daring as you want because you can just wash it off! 

Write a blog post… or six

Get your fingers tapping away on that key board. I normally write as a i post, but it’s nice to know i have something sitting ready to be posted incase something goes wrong and i don’t have time to write a post. 

Catch up with things 


I don’t personally commit to many TV shoes now because i don’t have the time. Television, YouTube, Blogs, Social Media. I used to watch all my YouTube on the train to and from university every day. As i’ve had a break, i’ve missed a lot. YouTube is something i really enjoy so it was nice to catch up with my sub box! 


If you’re like me and get really bored when you have nothing to do on a week off, i hope some of these tips helped you! Let me know if they did or if you have any other idea’s please leave them below in a comment. 

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– Gemma Lynsey

2 responses to “Make A Week Off Work, Productive | Jan 2017

  1. I love this post, it is so informative and makes me really want to make time off work productive! I have no holiday left now until April so I am very much IN NEED of some after Christmas haha. xx


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