Buying Make Up On Ebay

Ebay is the place to go when looking for a bargain. I have a lot of dealings with ebay both as a buyer and a seller and i would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Sometimes people are selling exactly what you’re looking for and you can grab a bargain. Although, i would stress to everyone to be extra vigilant when buying any sort of beauty product on the site.

Ebay does have a “no counterfeit” policy but there are so many ways around, as a result there are so many fakes on the site. It’s not just the fact you’re getting ripped off, you don’t know how safe counterfeit products are to be used on your skin. Over the years, i’ve fallen victim to this so i come baring advice. I’ve made these mistakes, so you don’t have to. 

Things to watch out for 

Make sure you are getting a picture of the product you’re purchasing. Be vary of pictures what are against a white computer edited background. You have a better idea of genuine sellers on ebay as you’ll be able to see the product sitting on a bed, cushion, floor etc. Also don’t be afraid to message sellers and ask for more pictures, the majority of sellers don’t mind. 

I’ve frequently seen people selling make-up as “factory seconds“, this stuff is all fake. They will tell you it’s 100% genuine so their listings aren’t taken down by ebay, it’s not. I fell victim to this and paid £60 for all three “Urban Decay Naked” palettes which were all fake. 

Example of potential counterfeit 

Example of products which are most likely genuine


If i like the look of a product on ebay, the first thing i’ll do is check the reviews of the seller. Particularly with make-up, positive reviews of the product on the sellers account is not enough to assure you it’s genuine. Many sellers refund unhappy customers if they change their review to 5*. Many buyers agree to this as it’s much quicker than opening a case through ebay and having to pay to send the item back. 

If it seems too good to be true, it is. You won’t get a real Urban Decay Naked palette for £15. You just won’t. While the product may come in a look alike box and still contain eye-shadow, it’s not a real Urban Decay product and you could probably pick up an eye shadow palette of similar quality for under £5. 

If you do fall victim to  counterfeit, you are protected for 30 days under ebay’s buyer protection and six months under PayPal’s buyer protection. However, going through claims can be long and frustrating. You need to pay return postage (it has to be tracked otherwise the seller may just say they never received the return) and things can get nasty. It’s still better than loosing your money completely, but it’s stress that most of the time can be avoided. 

So that is my tips for buying make-up off ebay. There are genuine people selling genuine make-up but a lot of it is counterfeit and it’s important to be aware. If you have any tips to add, please leave them in a comment below. 

I’ve also written a post about successful selling on ebay if you enjoyed this post then you may want to check that out. 

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– Gemma Lynsey 


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