Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review| February 2017

I used to subscribe to the Look Fantastic box but stopped as i felt i was just hoarding all the samples instead of using them. I’ve been making a conscious effort to use my samples so thought i’d order a one off box and let you know what i thought!

The theme of this month was Runway Ready- i assume because it’s NYFW this month but i’m not entirely sure. As usual you get a copy of Elle magazine which is great value as this is normally around £4.




img_2976The Ordinary by The Abnormal Beauty Company  

This may be my favourite moisturiser i’ve ever used. It’s pretty thick but feels super light on my skin which makes it perfect for this time of year! It makes my skin look so healthy and there’s no frills, it’s just a great moisturiser. You get a 30ml so super generous. I’ve never heard of this brand before but i will definitely consider re-purchasing this when i run out!



Borghese Fango Mud Mask

img_2977This is supposed to be a purifying mud mask which makes your skin healthy and bright. Firstly, the packing is cute to look at but not very practical. There was enough product for at least two face masks but once the cap was opened, that was it. I found the mask okay, it didn’t blow my mind at all. Infact, once it was off i didn’t notice it has been on! Disappointing.


Polaar Icy Magic Roll On 

This feels so good around your eyes. It’s cold and lovely and perfect for those mornings img_2978when you’re struggling to open your eyes.

I’m always in bed for 10 (what a wild life i lead…) so i don’t really have problems with dark circles or puffy eyes but this is great for restless nights… or on the odd occasion i get less than 8 hours!


This Works Stress Check Breath In 

img_2979I’ve had a few of these before and i always find them very handy to have. As i’ve mentioned before i have anxiety but i study in a big city which can get really difficult. The scent is calming and sometimes the placebo effect actually works too! This is also good for blocked noses and colds and those restless nights!



Model Co Eye Lites Metallic Shadow img_2983

This is a lovely bronze/copper colour, although when it goes on my skin it comes out quite orange? You’d maybe need a coloured base or primer when using this. I found it a bit sticky and heavy although i don’t wear cream eyeshadows so maybe they’re like that? Personally, i’m not a fan but it was nice to try it out!


My Vitamins Catwalk Queen 

I’ve never had a product like this in one of these boxes. I’m not a believer in vitamins if img_2980you eat a good, varied diet but i thought i’d give it a go anyway! The first two days i took these, i was fine. The third and fourth i was sick directly after taking them in the morning- on an empty stomach but the bottle didn’t specify to take them with food. As a result i’ve been a bit wary of them, it’s only a two week supply and chances are you won’t see a change in two weeks. If you are interested in taking hair, skin & nail vitamins then pop to boots and buy their own brand. They all contain the same thing- you essentially pay for the brand!



If you want to check out the lookfantastic beauty box i’ll leave the link here

That’s what i thought of this months box. Let me know if you received this- what did you think?

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