What’s hot in Primark | February 2017

I could do an entire post on how much i love Primark but you didn’t come here for that. I’ve been in Primark a fair few times this month (i’ve absolutely broken my New Years Resolution… whoops!) checking out their spring pieces. With Primark you have to grab it quick because if you leave it and go in a few weeks later, chances are it will be gone.

My favourite piece by far is this faux suede biker jacket which was £23. I thought this was really reasonable as i’d been looking at a jacket basically the same as this on missguided and that was £40. This one one of these jackets that you can dress up or down and it’s a great spring colour. It’s really flattering on and it’s super comfortable. I’m obsessed with this!


On the subject of jackets; i bought another jacket which was £15. It’s the same dirty pink colour which i think will be my staple spring colour. I’ve already got this jacket in black and it’s really neat on and it’s relatively warm too. This will be so handy when the weather starts getting a little warmer. This jacket is much more suitable for rainy days so i’ll get a lot of use out of this.


I picked up this black and white checked top for £10. It has a little frill detail at the sleeve which is so on trend right now. This is really flattering on but the material has absolutely no stretch. While it fits, i’m not sure it’s the most comfortable. I’ll probably swap this for a size up for comfort, but i really like it.

I also got this sheer peplum top which was only £6!! Again it’s this dirty pink colour although a tad darker than the jacket. It’s really flattering on and will look great through the day or in the evening. I loved this top so much, i went back and picked it up in the black.

On the theme of peplum, i picked up this navy peplum t-shirt which was £4. This is super flattering on and will be a great spring colour. I always find i have loads to wear with black jeans but not so much with blue so i thought this would go great. It’s a little sheer so a navy bra or cami underneath is essential. I also picked this up in white because i thought it would be really practical.

I’m loving the smart trousers with trainers look right now and i have a couple of pairs but they’re really thin and i can only wear them in the warmer months. I picked up this pair of grey and white pinstripe trousers which were £15. These are high-waisted so i’ll wear these with a bodysuit or crop top, either of my new jackets and some Nike’s or Superstars’.



These aren’t specifically for Spring, but i picked up these Powerpuff Girls’ socks for £2.50. These are just so cute and take me right back to my childhood. They are a little bit sparkly and i just couldn’t walk by them.


Those are just some of my favourite Spring pieces this year. Peplum and pink are going to be my thing!

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– Gemma Lynsey

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