Spring Pieces | March 2017

I love buying clothes for spring because i don’t like hats, scarfs and all the malarky that comes with winter. Like you need a super heavy jacket then you go inside like a shop and you’re so warm you can’t breathe. It’s just not for me.

Spring everything is a bit lighter, brighter and i love it. I’ve been buying some really great pieces this year. I uploaded a post on my favourite Primark pieces which you can read here (x) . This post goes hand-in-hand with the Primark one.

Zara Embroidered Floral Shirt (x) £25.99

I snapped this up the moment i laid eyes on it. I love the crisp white shirt with the frill detail. The embroidery just steps up the game and makes it a key spring piece. I would style this with black or khaki jeans rather than the blue in the picture. It’s quite loose so i think tighter bottoms will suit me better. I just think it’s a really cute, fresh look that’s perfect for spring.

Topshop Frill Sleeve T-Shirt (x) £9

This is just a basic tee from Topshop. It has some frill detail at the shoulder and is this gorgeous dirty pink colour. I thought this would be a great staple in the Spring paired with my faux suede jacket from Primark and a long necklace.


Zara Camo T-shirt with Graphic (x) £12.99

The colours of this don’t exactly scream Spring but it’s short-sleeved and it has the peplum bottom and i just think it’s really pretty. I’m going to pair this with my faux suede biker jacket (x) and some grey jeans.


Zara Khaki Fine Knit Jumper £12.99 (unavailable online)

I love this super fine knit jumper. Khaki is one of my go-to colours all year round but paired with my new pink jacket from my Primark post and a long necklace, i’m already excited to wear this look. This can be layered up or down and i think will be a real staple.

M&S Collared Check Shirt (unavailable online) £25

I bought this a few weeks ago and i thought it was v.spring but it’s now unavailable online, you may still be able to buy it in store. M&S Limited Edition has some really great pieces and it definitely gets overlooked. I’m still so into collars and this has the cutest button detail up the back. The material does crease quite easily so i can’t wait until i can wear this without a jacket.

Topshop MOTO Grey Joni Jeans (x) £18 (Sale!!)

I popped into the Topshop sale and picked these up for £18 on sale! I have joni jeans in a wine-y red colour and they’re so comfortable. Grey is a great jean colour for spring because it’s a bit lighter. This is my first pair of grey jeans in years so i think i’ll get a lot of wear out of them in the upcoming months.


Nike Flex Experience Trainers (x) £32.99

I work at Sports Direct part time and these caught my eye one day when i was leaving. These are just so cute and look really nice paired with black jeans. I felt they were a bit nicer than your average trainer and i’ve already got so much wear out of them. There are a few different styles with the same print on them and i just love them!

Adidas Stan Smiths (x) £35 (OOS)

I’m normally a Superstar kind of girl but i find Superstars only last me like five months. I’m a 5.5 so i can buy junior shoes which are a little cheaper but i’m still not sure they’re worth the money. I really love the style of them so i decided to opt for the Stan Smith’s to see if they last me any longer. They are plain white with just the little pink detail at the back. These were £35 in the JD sale but i believe they’re now out of stock.


So that is what i’ve been buying. I’m not trying to create a capsule wardrobe but i am trying to limit what i’m buying and buy things that all go with each other so i’m not spending a fortune on things i’m only going to wear a few times.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you did be sure to give it a like and subscribe so you don’t miss another.

– Gemma Lynsey

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