My University Experience (Part Two)| April 2017

If you didn’t catch part one of my university experience, you can read it here (x). So today’s post is my university experience from third and my final year.


Starting third year, i was still pretty timid and was happy to sit with my quiet friend and make small talk. In our creative writing class, we were assigned groups to go over homework (yes, you still get homework at uni don’t be fooled). Another girl and boy were added to our group so there was four. They were two of the nicest people and suddenly i felt like i had four friends. So if my first friend didn’t make the class, i wasn’t sat alone on my phone. The other two people in our group were much more confident than we were. I love meeting people like this because i feel it kind of draws it out of me and i become a bit more confident. Throughout the year, i think i started to come out my shell a little bit. I found it easier to talk to people i didn’t know because i didn’t feel as alone.

Creative writing classes were very much tailored to books you’d find in English lit. I was the only one in the class who hadn’t read Lolita or Great Expectations. That was never the kind of writing i wanted to do and that was all they wanted to teach. One tutor even marked me down for saying that you could make a living from blogging without being Zoella. Like hello? It’s 2017!

With my frustration towards the content of my classes. I felt like something was missing towards the end of third year, i felt like i wasn’t doing enough things for myself between studying and working. So after thinking about it for months on end, i decided to start my blog which i’ve loved since day one.

I breezed through the first two years academically, it wasn’t really a challenge for me. It was third year where i actually figured out how the library works, because i had to use it! The work got a little harder and i put in a little more effort- which paid off because i passed my basic degree with merit.

Onto fourth year or, honours year. We were warned how hard it would be, how stressful it would and honestly, it had it’s moments but it was probably my favourite year (perhaps the best out of a bad bunch!). In my creative writing and journalism class, i feel like i established a great group of friends who i felt comfortable with and who made me feel more confident and settled.Even in my law classes, i would sit and chat to people (for me, that’s a big thing) and form something of friendships. I mean, i don’t know their names but i wouldn’t walk by them without saying ‘hi’.

Ironic that it’s taken me four years to feel settled in a place i’m about to leave and my life is about to change again. I wish i could be one of those people who’s excited by change, but i’m not. Ever.

University is a big place, a scary place where you will be easily forgotten and  slip into the background, a complete culture shock from High School. I don’t think you get the same experience if you live at home, you have to make a lot more effort to establish your place when you’re only coming in for classes. A part of me knows i wasn’t ready to move away, but another part of me wishes i’d moved away as all of my friends who’ve moved away for uni seem to have had a totally different experience.

Sometimes i look at my four years and think ‘nothings changed’ in my life, i’m still at the same job, i’m still single, i still don’t know what i want to do with my life, no massive life changes have happened. Then i look at the frame of mind i was in when i started, and the frame of mind i’m in now. Don’t get me wrong, anxiety is still a battle every single day, but i can get on a train without having a meltdown and i don’t walk around thinking there’s no point. So yeah, i’ve definitely grown.

So there you have my university experience. I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below or fill in my contact form (x) and i’ll be happy to answer! If you’ve posted your university experience please link it below or leave me a little comment, i love reading them!

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– Gemma Lynsey

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