Life and NY Resolutions Catch Up! | July 2017

In December i wrote a post, “What I Want From 2017” (x) with the intention of updating you all throughout the year. I just turned 22 and my birthday (1st July) is- there or there about- the mid point of the year. I’m also aware things have been pretty quiet lately, i will get back into posting bi-weekly but this check-in/update should explain why i’ve been so MIA lately.

So my resolutions were…

  1. Graduate!
    Check. Last month i graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a BA(Hons) in Creative Writing and Journalism with Law. In the end, i got a lower classification than expected and i was absolutely gutted but university is over and i’m delighted!
  2. Get a real job.
    Check. I started working full time before i graduated in a completely different job. For someone who hates change, it was difficult for me and working 9-5 with a 3 hour round-trip commute has been a culture shock. I’m settling in well and the people i work with are all really nice which makes everything much easier. It is a lot of work on the phone, which i’ve found so difficult as no one talks on the phone now- it’s all email! I’m giving myself time though as i’ve only been there a few weeks! 
  3. Figure out what i want to do.
    Right now i’m working in HR which i do enjoy but i don’t want to work 9-5 my whole life, living for the weekends. Plus, i do really want to write. I’d never just quit my job and try and make it as a writer because i live for stability. I need to become a bit more confident in my abilities and gain a little more life experience but i can start to think about long term plans. 
  4. Buy a car.
    My new job is in the city and the quickest and cheapest way to commute is by train so as much as i want my little black mini, it would be silly to buy it right now. I don’t see working in the city as a long term solution so i’m saving up for my car right now and hopefully at the start of 2018 i’ll be working closer to home. 
  5. Go into Primark 3 times a month MAX.
    I failed this one, badly. My Primark obsession is real. I don’t spend a lot every time i go in, it’s the excitement of endless possibilities and the fashion is so fast! Now i really only have my weekends, i’ll be sticking to this for the rest of the year! 
  6. Push myself into the idea of change.
    Incredibly difficult but i’m coming on. This year i left the job i’d worked at for 5 years, graduated university, started a new job, went abroad for the first time without my mum. There has been so much change and i feel a lot better for it!
  7. Get something on paper!
    I’ve had the idea for a novel in my head for three years. I’m still in the incredibly early stages of planning but it’s a step in the right direction.
  8. Learn to love the gym.
    I’ve had to give up my gym membership because i didn’t have a lot of time to go. However i’ve cleaned up my diet, i’m still active and i do lots of YouTube workouts when i get the chance so i’m in better physical shape and seeing results makes it easier to continue!
  9. Cut down on the sugar.
    I’ve definitely done this by cutting down snacking. I always have a balanced lunch, i don’t take snacks to work and i don’t eat sweets that other people bring into the office. It makes it so easy to eat well throughout the day then by the time i get home it’s dinner time so i’m not snacking at all through the week.  
  10. Meet at least 1 new person i could call a friend.
    Check. My friendship dynamic has changed this year. There is people who, when i wrote the original post, i never thought wouldn’t be in my life but i wasn’t happy with a lot of friendships and i wasn’t getting anything out of them. I feel much more comfortable in myself and don’t feel as much of a burden on other people- which i might go into in a separate post, lemme know if you want to read. I feel much more appreciated by people and also comfortable with my relationships, not everyone i’m friends with has to be a best friend that i speak to every day. 

Anxiety wise, i’m doing really well right now. I feel so in control and yes, i have my moments but generally i’m bossing it. I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that no one will sweep you off your feet and save you, you have to want to change and you have to be your own hero. Once you have that mindset, everything is easier and things don’t seem quite so scary. 

As for i really want to go self-hosted. Just because i see this blog as an investment and i want it to grow so i want to make the change as soon as i can. I’m looking to do it in the next month but i’m so not tech-savy, i’m finding it a bit complicated. If you’ve gone self-hosted please give me any tips or advice!

So that is my life update, as you’ve read things are pretty crazy right now. I will get back into posting twice a week but right now thank-you for your patience!

How are you getting on with your NY resolutions? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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– Gemma Lynsey

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